One Year in 145 - A Reflection.

One Year in 145 - A Reflection.


What can say about the last 12 months?

Well, the business definitely has a new larger shop, and new staff was also a welcome addition to help us look after all of our lovely customers. Philippa joined the team in August 2019  and Jacquie started in March this year.  Some of you will have met Philippa on the shop-floor and Jacquie heads up our digital media. Helen still pops in from time to time to check out new fashion and keep us on our toes.

On a personal level,  I have been so humbled by the support shown to the business by our customers, new and old, over the last year. Some people we see almost daily, some weekly and some whenever they are in Dunedin. 

We were used to having quite a few customers from Australia who would visit Dunedin semi-regularly whilst visiting family and look forward to that contact renewing soon. There was big excitement recently when one Australian customer visited. She was so happy to replace her  “favourite” linen shirt  that she had bought from us l last March!

Ladies from Invercargill to North of Auckland, who call in every time they're in Dunedin. Customers we’ve never met who buy regularly on-line, and of course the wonderful ladies (and gentlemen) who supported us during lockdown this and last year.  

Beautiful ladies that have trusted us with; outfits for weddings, job interviews, funerals and even some who are heading out on a “hot date” or to a special function that required a dress below the knee and a good-sized sleeve (Don’t we love those type of dresses - we always have plenty in stock). 

There have been challenging times dressing multiple guests for the same function and that’s why we always check where and when the function is being held before recommending a garment.

It’s such a pleasure dressing our ladies in garments that suit the occasion well, garments they feel comfortable in and suit their personality and style. In fact ... ladies smiling when trying on garments is always a giveaway - Job done !

Every customer is special to us and every customer has different needs. Having a good selection of different brands and garment styles is pivotal to supplying good service to our customers. 

As most of you know, I used to travel to Europe to buy stock.  Of course, this can’t happen at present. I’m lucky that I have strong relationships with my stockists and we just do business in different ways these days.

We have some new European labels in the pipeline for the near future and are proud to now stock HOME LEE & Cashews Basics. 

Betty Basics and Fate+ Becker  are due to arrive this season along with the ever-popular EB & IVE + HAVEN  that we’ve  stocked for the last 3 years. This  Australian label grows in strength each season and  is popular with ladies of all ages. It was quite ironic after stocking their garments for a few years, I met the Australian based owner in London Feb 2019.    

So “Thank You” to those who choose to shop with us and those that have supported us from day one. We look forward to seeing you again once we can operate face to face, however, in the meantime online shopping is just a click away and you can call or email  if needed. 

Thank you again,

Karen & The LUMA Team


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